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Pairing Holiday Food with Wine

The holidays are filled with good food and drinks. The challenge is that there are so many different flavors in the food that we serve during this time of the year which makes it hard to pair with a single wine. So how do we go about it? Well, you can of course make a buffet of different wines too! If you are just a few people, which will be the case for many during 2020, that will probably be too much wine (though a tasting party is never a bad option.) But if you are looking for one or two wines to pair, I am sharing some ideas in the article below.

Written by Katarina at West Wines

Carménère - the almost extinct Bordeaux grape rediscovered in Chile

Chile is the wine country that can brag about rediscovering the Bordeaux grape Carménère. I visited wineries there in January and got a very warm welcome and a cool story. After the phylloxera bug killed off a lot of the vineyards in Europe in the late 19th century the Carménère grape was not replanted in Bordeaux since it was already hard to get to flower and ripen in the cool and humid Atlantic climate. It was thought to be mostly extinct when it was rediscovered in 1994 in Chile. The warm and dry climate in the middle of Chile has proven ideal for this grape and beautiful wines are produced now that the varietal is allowed to ripen to its potential. Read on for more on this story and some winery reviews.

Written by Katarina at West Wines

What happens in the Barrel Room

Our barrel room is filled with barrels of wine from 2019, 2018 and 2017. Some just came in after harvest and some are ready to be bottled in a couple of months. Every month we say hello to every barrel, tasting and testing how they are doing.

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The cheeses I love to pair with our wines

We are big cheese lovers in our family and usually have at least 4-5 different cheeses at home at any time. Whenever someone drops by unexpectedly we bring out wine and cheese, some good crackers, fig marmalade (my own recipe – figs, pears and cinnamon – I make a lot in the fall). I like to have a hard cheese, a blue cheese, a brie or camembert, some washed rind cheese, a goat cheese and something stinky. Sometimes we do a wine and cheese pairing with several wines and a different cheese for each wine. With the Coravin tool it is easy to pour samples from many bottles, or with many guests we just open all of the bottles of course. Read on for some of the cheeses I often pick with our wines:

Written by Katarina at West Wines

Great Food Pairings with Red Wine

In the middle of harvest, when evenings are getting a bit darker, I enjoy cooking while sipping a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon which also will accompany the dinner later. Read on for suggestions of my recipes to go with our various red wines.

Written by Katarina at West Wines