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The 2018 West Viognier is a bright, crisp and fruity wine made in a dry style which also shows the natural flavors of the grape. Viognier (Vee-on-yeah) is a grape from the Rhone valley and our wine shows classic Viognier aromas such as pineapple, honey dew melon and mango.


Recipe Ideas:
Swedish Gravlax - Cured Salmon

Smoked Oyster Puffs

Seared Ahi Tuna with Mango-Avocado Salsa

Katarina's Seafood Soup with Garlic Aioli


Cheese Pairings:

Our Viognier is flowery and crisp with pineapple, citrus on the nose and suits the aromatic flavors of washed rind cheeses with their red rinds. My favorite is Reblochon, which is a bit on the stinky side . Unfortunately the Reblochon, cannot be purchased in the USA since it is an unpasteurized cheese which is not allowed to be sold here. But I enjoy it when I go to Europe. Alternatives are Munster, a German semi soft cheese, or French Pont L’Eveque. Local alternatives are many e.g. Nicasio Square from Nicasio Valley Cheese in Marin County, here in California. Nicasiocheese.com. If you cannot find them, just ask your cheese shop for another washed rind cheese. The Port Salut mentioned above is also a washed rind cheese, but very mild. 


Join Winemaker Katarina for a quick visit with our 2018 Viognier or explore this wine more in-depth with our Summer Wine Series below.

Ready to take a deeper dive into this fantastic summer time wine? Learn some of the winemaker's favorite food pairings and the influence behind her style!