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Sauvignon Blanc

Our 2019 West Sauvignon Blanc is a fresh and crisp wine with aromas of gooseberry and green melon which continue on the palate in addition to citrus and mineral tones and well balanced acidity. You can pair this wine with appetizers, salads, fish and seafood or just sip it by itself on a warm summer day.

Recipe Ideas:
Spinach and Sweet Pepper Frittata

Anneli's Baked Sesame Salmon

Katarina's Seafod Soup with Garlic Aioli 


Cheese Pairings:
A mild goat cheese or fresh cheese will work nicely. Black olive tapenade is also nice to add to the plate.


Join Winemaker Katarina for a quick visit with our 2019 Sauvignon Blanc or explore this wine more indepth with our Summer Wine Series below.


Ready to take a deeper dive into this fantastic summer time wine? Learn some of the winemaker's favorite food pairings and the influence behind her style!