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Late Harvest Viognier

The Viognier grapes for our Late Harvest Viognier grow on our creek side estate in Dry Creek Valley. The morning fog next to the creek enhances the crispness of the grapes. The fall of 2013 was sunny and warm and we were able to create our second vintage of this luscious dessert wine. The grapes were harvested at 32% sugar. Fermentation was done slowly at low temperatures. The aroma and taste is full of pineapple, citrus, peach and some mango. Despite being a sweet dessert wine it has a fresh acidity and a lingering subtle aftertaste. Serve the Late Harvest Viognier slightly chilled, but not ice cold, after dinner, by itself or with a dessert. It pairs very well with almond desserts, fruit pies, nutty cheeses and even blue cheese.

Recipe Ideas:
Tosca Almond Tart

Grilled Peaches with Lemon Sourcream

Cheese Pairings:

With Late Harvest Viognier I would serve either a Gorgonzola, buttery and salty with blue veins, a very nutty caramelized aged Gouda, 2-3 years at least, where it crumbles in shards or a similar sheep milk cheese like Pecorino. To top it off I use a tiny bit of blueberry jam and some pecan nuts